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Successful Steps in Accelerated Reading

1.      Each student takes the STAR Reading Test. The STAR test determines the reading level of each student.   As the student takes the test, the questions adjust to that student’s ability level. For example, if a student misses a question, STAR automatically gives them a question on an easier reading level.

2.      The STAR test determines each student’s ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development). The ZPD is the reading range in which a student achieves optimal reading growth. For example, a third grade student may have a ZPD of 1.9 to 3.1. This means that this student reads on a level that is the ninth month of the first grade year to the first month of the third grade year. It is very important for a child to read within his or her reading range so that the child may comprehend the material. When a student reads within his or her reading range, the reading level should increase.

3.      An AR goal will be set for each student based on his or her STAR test reading level results. Accelerated Reader has preset goals based on 60, 30, and 20 minutes of reading time per day. Eupora Elementary sets goals based on 30 minutes of reading time per day. Students have reading time at school and reading will also need to be done at home. For example, if a 4th grade student’s reading range is 3.6 to 4.8, the goal set by AR for this student would be 12 points. Books range in point value from .5 to around 25 points, depending on the length of the book. If a child only reads books that are .5 in value, then that child will have to read 24 books and make a 100% on each test to meet a goal of 12.

4.      The student will read a book on his or her reading level. AR books are available in the EES Library, Webster County Library, or at home. Parents may check online at to determine if a book has an AR quiz. This website will give the reading level, quiz number, and point value of the book.

5.      Once the student has read a book, that student will take the AR test for that book on the computer. The student will receive a score of 0 to 100. The student will receive points based on correct answers given.

6.   Parents: To check student progress, go online to

  • Type      in your child’s user name and password (Your child knows this)
  • View      your child’s average percent correct on quizzes, current points toward      goal, and average book level read.

·         Click “View My Bookshelf” on bottom right to look at the grade on each book tested.

Accelerated Reading Grading Scale

Students in grades 1-5 will receive a reading grade based on their AR achievement. This grade will account for 10% of their Nine Week Reading Grade The following chart shows the grading scale. Points will be deducted for students not meeting their accuracy goal.


Accuracy Goal and   Book Level Goal     Met

102% + of goal with 85% test accuracy   and book level met


100% - 101% of goal with 85 % test accuracy   and book level met


90% - 99% of goal with 85 % test accuracy   and book level met


80 - 89% of goal with 85 % test accuracy   and book level met


60 - 79% of goal with 85 % test accuracy   and book level met


40 - 59% of goal with 85% test accuracy and   book level met


Up to 39% of goal with 85% test accuracy   and book level met


Criteria for attending Accelerated Reading Parties

  • Student      must meet 100% of goal
  • Student      must read books in his or her reading range
  • Student      must pass AR quizzes with 85% accuracy